Roller Blinds in Sydney, Cronulla, Bondi & More!

Why Not add some elegance to your Sydney Home Décor
with Cost-Effective Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds are simple, elegant and versatile blinds. Economical in price, they can revamp your interior décor while providing exceptional functionality.

The specialists in blind installation across Sydney, EcoShade Solutions is located in Bondi and can assist you with all your roller blind requirements. Side operated with a plastic, stainless steel or metal chain, our roller blinds are proudly Australian made, ensuring you only get the best quality and durability.

10+ Years Experience

Panel blinds create a bold yet classy look. In sheer colours, panel blinds also create filtered light, adding texture and a quality finish to a chic room design.


We provide a five year comprehensive warranty on our entire roller blinds range.

7-10 Day Delivery
& Installation

Australia made made roller blinds in 7-10 days!

Free Installation

EcoShade offers FREE installation on all of our premium quality made roller blinds.

There are a number of roller blind styles available to suit your needs:


Blockout roller blinds

  • Perfect where light control and complete privacy is required
  • Great for bedrooms and areas where you want complete privacy.
  • In the lowered position, blockout blinds will stop the majority of light and heat entering the room.

Sunscreen roller blinds

Sometimes known as shade or mesh blinds, sunscreen roller blinds are great for areas where you would like to maintain the view but cut out heat and glare.

  • The fabric is woven with a certain level of openness which means you can see through it but not all heat and light can penetrate.
  • This type of fabric is great for living areas and can be used on a double roller system when you also need blockout blinds for privacy.

Translucent roller blinds

These offer a little more privacy than sunscreen blinds but do not block the light like blockout blinds.

Features include:
  • They offer a beautiful, diffused glow and in lighter colours offer heat reflectance.
  • You cannot see through translucent roller blinds and from the outside, looking in you will only see silhouettes.
  • Translucent blinds are often used in a double roller scenario with a blockout blind.

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