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Straight drop awnings are, as the name suggests, vertically operated awnings. They’re widely recognised and used by designers, particularly for large, modern homes. They offer top quality materials, all-around shade and excellent appearance. These extremely popular awnings are used in homes all around Australia.

Ecoshade Solutions stocks the famous Alpha Awnings range, a leading Australian-designed brand. Even if you don’t know the name, you will definitely have seen Alpha Awnings before. They are commonly used in many commercial spaces and have become a highly-respected name in the industry for their versatility and adaptability.

About Alpha Awnings

When it comes to awnings, this impressive range is quite simply ideal in just about any kind of environment. The Alpha Awnings range is both ultra modern and ultra-practical. Alpha Awnings are precision made for high performance and they feature the very latest screening technology, making them ideal for any kind of coverage.

The Alpha Awnings range also includes an easy to personalise control system, ideal for any exterior space. This well-known brand also offers excellent aesthetics and a great modern look for a modern home.

Some features of this range include:

  • A choice of 22 colours
  • Closed and open head boxes or open roller operation
  • Pivot arm and side retention features
  • Top of the line UV protection
  • Excellent durability and product life
  • High quality and super tough fabric weaves
  • Colourfast awnings that are made for Australia’s harsh sunlight and weather

As you can see from this brief list of features, Alpha Awnings really are superior products in so many ways, and that’s just the beginning. If you’re looking for awnings that deliver everything you would expect and more, you really can’t go past this range. To know more, view the ALPHA awning series here.

Selecting Your Awnings

We strongly recommend browsing the full range of straight drop awnings and speaking to one of our consultants about your needs. If you need new awnings for large areas or problem spaces, or you need to match your awnings with your exterior facade, we can help you with expert solutions and support.

We also recommend checking out the full selection of colours available. This range has a truly excellent variety of colours, meaning there are many possible colour combinations to consider.

Ecoshade Solutions also makes custom awnings to your unique specifications, designed for your home. Our custom services ensure that your awnings are a perfect fit for your space. Our installation experts will then use their precision skills to properly install your awnings, making sure that your new purchase is absolutely perfect and fully operational.

Ask Us about Straight Drop Awnings

To find out more about straight drop awnings and our fantastic Alpha Awnings range, just give us a call. We’ll find the perfect solution for your home.

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