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You might not be too sure what “drop arm awnings” are if somebody asks you, but you’ll recognise them instantly when you see them. This is because they’re so popular for homes and businesses all throughout the nation.

This type of awning uses a supporting arm that is raised or lowered to deliver the right amount of shade in any given area. This is the “drop arm”.

Drop arm systems have been around for years, but modern drop arm awnings barely resemble their more primitive predecessors. The latest drop arm awnings are true designer products, made to deliver excellent style, comfort and longevity to your home or business.

All about Drop Arm Awnings

Modern drop arm awnings are specifically designed to manage large window spaces, balconies, and patio areas in modern homes and properties.

When you consider the sheer size of some new windows, you can see why these awnings are so popular in Australia. They’re perfect for the role and easy to operate. This is just one great example of the versatility and practical value that these awnings offer.

At Ecoshade Solutions, we stock Australia’s own Alpha Awnings, a true overachiever in drop arm awning design. Specifically constructed for our tough summer glare and moody weather, we chose the Alpha drop arm system because it will last in local conditions.

Like our other Alpha Awnings products, our drop arm awnings are a great mix of colour, quality construction, and modern innovation. Among their impressive features are very high quality weaves, which contribute to the overall durability of the product.

Picking Your Awnings

It’s a good idea to explore all your choices and consider all the possibilities before selecting your awnings. If drop arm awnings aren’t right for you, we can also help with a range of other products.

Some considerations include:

  • The amount of space to be covered for windows, patios, decks, etc. You don’t have to actually measure the space; we can do that for you! At the selection stage, simply tell us the type of spaces you need to be covered.
  • Whether you really are covering all the space you need to cover. Are there any odd spaces, like staircases, exposed areas or east/west-facing sides of your home that need additional shading?
  • Exterior presentation, colours, and overall style. This is incredibly important at the planning stage when upgrading or renovating your home.

Ecoshade Solutions Custom Services

We custom make awnings for your home or business premises and we also install the awnings ourselves. This ensures that your purchase is properly fitted and fully functional.

Need to Know More about Drop Awnings? Just Ask Us!

For more information about our products and services, call our team today. Ask us for a free quote, free installation, and a standard 7-year warranty on your purchase. Whatever your window needs, we’ll be happy to help!

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