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Ecoshade Solutions offers a truly comprehensive range of awnings in a stunning variety of designs. If you’re looking for the perfect exterior shades for your home, office, or commercial premises, we have exactly what you want.

Awnings are a great solution if you’re looking to provide shelter for any outdoor area. They can also deliver excellent interior protection from strong sun glare and UV radiation.

We have a number of different Awnings designs to suit all areas including folding arm, drop arm and straight drop awnings. With the added luxury of motorisation and weather sensors available, it’s easy to find the right solution for your home.

Your new awning can be made in a range of different colours and fabrics to suit your style. Ask us about design choices, styles, and colour selection, and see what we can do for you.

Drop Arm Awnings

Designed to withstand high winds and adverse weather conditions, drop arm awnings operate by using concealed springs in the arms to extend the awning out. This creates a larger area between the awning and window, enabling greater air flow and creating room for windows to be opened. With motorised operation available, you can control harsh sun conditions and uncomfortable heat with the push of a button.

Straight Drop Awnings

Ecoshade Straight Drop Awnings are constructed with powder coated aluminium and stainless steel components, giving them a natural resistance to all corrosion, including rust.

This added level of resistance ensures a long product life and better performance. These Australian made awnings have the mechanics and fabric to withstand Australia’s weather conditions. Like all of our awnings, straight drop awnings are proven to be energy efficient and great for the home. They reduce cooling costs while protecting internal furnishing from direct sun damage.

Awnings are also very versatile options for any home, ideal for enclosing gazebos, verandas, balconies and outdoor living areas for privacy and weather protection. Our wide range of Sunscreen fabrics allow you to retain your view while protecting you from the weather and sun conditions.

Folding Arm Awnings

A retractable folding arm awning offers great sun protection for patios, decks, and verandas.  When you require shade, simply open the awning to cover your area (manually or motorised) and when finished, retract it into a neat cassette mounted on your external wall. Optional wind and rain sensors can be added to provide automatic protection for when you are not around to retract the awning.

Invest in an Awning with Ecoshade Solutions 

If you’d like to ask about our awnings, call us or contact us online. Speak directly to one of our friendly experts about your design choices and requirements. We’re happy to assist and provide all the help you need.


10+ Years Experience

EcoShade has over 10 years’ experience in servicing residential and commercial projects.

7 Year Warranty

We provide a seven year comprehensive warranty on our entire awnings range.

Quick Turn Around Time

Australia made awnings in 3 weeks!

Free Installation

EcoShade offers FREE installation on all of our premium quality made awnings.

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