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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters Increase The Value Of Your Property

When investing in plantation shutters for your home, you may be wondering if there will be any long-term value added to your property. The answer is a resounding “Yes!”. Read on to find out how these unique window dressings will provide a range of useful selling points that can be highlighted to potential buyers.

Permanent Fixture

Plantation shutters are considered permanent fixtures once installed in your home. When considering the market value of a property, all permanent fixtures are factored into the equation.  You can remind potential buyers that they will not need to spend any money on curtains or other window dressings. Good quality shutters will provide an excellent return on their initial cost.

Visual Appeal And Functionality

These amazing window covers add instant visual appeal to your home, from the street view all the way indoors. Their sleek elegance adds a clean, modern look to your home and will go a long way to improve your home’s first impression and make it more memorable to prospective buyers.  

Shutters offer an excellent level of privacy to a home while still allowing sufficient lighting. The angles of the blades can be adjusted to shield the interior of the home from prying eyes, which is also useful from a security perspective.

Low Maintenance

Plantation shutters in Australia are much easier to maintain than other window dressings such as blinds or curtains. Regular dusting or vacuuming will keep them looking good. Any accumulated dirt can simply be wiped off. Tracks can be kept clean with your vacuum cleaner. Regular rotation of the blades is important. Occasional lubrication of the hinges will ensure that things keep moving smoothly.

Environmentally Friendly

Plantation shutters improve your home’s energy efficiency by providing excellent insulation from heat and cold, thereby reducing the need for heating and cooling by alternative methods.

The shutters are made from durable materials such as PVC or basswood timber and therefore have an exceptionally long lifespan. The classic design of plantation shutters won’t go out of style either. This means that they won’t need to be replaced for, at minimum, twenty to twenty-five years.

If you are ready to improve the value of your home with high quality, custom-made and professionally installed plantation shutters, call Ecoshade Solutions today. Our expert team will come out and undertake a free measurement and quote.

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